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Maybe you know someone who won’t let you in, and you suspect something is wrong? Chances are they maybe living in squalor in what can be described as a hoarders home. Sometimes the outside of the home is a clear indicator there is something wrong inside. overgrown bushes, gutters rusted and falling down. Just plain general neglect of the property. Other times they outside gives no clue as to the inside. It may be that landscapers take care of the outside to the point you may not recognize a problem inside, but usually when there is a problem inside the shades are almost always drawn so nobody can see what’s inside. These homes get to the point that they have pathways with  whole sections of the home that are blocked with debris that the homeowner has not had access to for years. It’s not that they are lazy or enjoy living in a cluttered home. They have a serious condition called: Hoarding, millions of homes in the united States  are like this. OCD-Hoarding is not about being lazy.

What is hoarding? 

It is estimated that millions of people in the U.S. are living in hoarders homes. Hoarding is  not the result of laziness or harmless “packrat” habits. It is a condition that has been addressed in research as a type of obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD). Hoarding is defined by specific behaviors: acquiring a large assortment of items and failing to discard what seems to be useless or of little value. Living spaces become so cluttered that they cannot be used for their intended purposes.  A few of the reasons people hoard include emotional attachments to objects, intense decision-making difficulties, and a profound fear of making mistakes. It is good to remind ourselves of the characteristics of compulsive hoarding disorder.  There is deep emotional attachment to belongings, with the inability to distinguish between trash and treasures. These homes fall into a serious state of disrepair because maintenance or repair people cannot enter the home. Even family members and friends have been kept away for many years in most cases. In the cases of animal hoarding, animal waste may be present throughout the home. However, hoarding has only recently become a subject of research . A great deal of work remains to be done to further pinpoint the medical and societal cause(s) of this  condition.

Other Health and Safety issues can accompany Hoarding.   

People who hoard can face health risks from trips and falls, mold/ dust/ mildew allergen exposure, infectious disease from disease carrying rodents and insects, fire hazards in their dangerously cluttered and contaminated homes. People who hoard might also suffer from depression and/or perfectionism. Research shows that many hoarders suffer a combination of disorders. Hoarding may be a symptom of more than one illness. Hoarding is more common among the elderly, but they are not the only age group to suffer from it. Years ago when you asked people if they knew what a hoarder was, they would not know what or who are you talking about. Now days with all the news reports and television shows about hoarders, almost everybody knows about a hoarder and some even claims one in their family.

Direct intervention can save a hoarders life.  If you suspect something is wrong in a friend or relatives home get someone else involved and go together to see if you can talk with them and offer to help.  In other circumstances you may have to get social workers and the police involved. 

Freedom  from things is possible

Hoarders are often highly functional individuals outside of their homes and express the wish to make changes alone, without help. Working alone, however, usually results in frustration and “churning”. Which is the relocation of items without an actual reduction in quantity. But, Freedom from Things is possible with the right help and support from someone who understands. With cognitive behavioral therapy, hoarders have been able to stop saving memories and start making them!

With the right support and help American Hoarders Cleaning Service can help you or a loved one make a FRESH START and start living again and enjoying every area of your home.

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Our Commitment to People

We believe in human compassion, and that all deserve the dignity of a clean, safe and organized home. We provide only the highest quality of service for our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving their needs. We believe “we can get everything we need in life as long as we help enough other people get what they need.”
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