American Hoarders Specialty Cleaning Services, Wisconsin & Illinois

At American Hoarders, we have Specialized and General Cleaning Services for Residential and Commercial Properties of all sizes.

Extreme Clutter & Emergency Cleaning

Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you've collected through the years? Do you need assistance getting it all under control? At American Hoarders Cleaning Service, we can help, we understand how you feel.

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Property Maintenance Management

American Services also provides complete maintenance services for small and large scale apartment complexes, Condo Associations as well as Home Sale preparations for the Real Estate Market and Foreclosure clean-outs for Mortgage lenders.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

American Services provides Top-Of-The-Line commercial janitorial services in the Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois areas. From the Neighborhood Dental Office to the largest Dealership, we can create an affordable, reliable plan that exceeds your expectations.

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We Strive for Excellence

We Guarantee we will go above and beyond what you originally contracted for. No other company is as thorough and affordable as American Hoarders Cleaning Service and our A+ Better Business Bureau rating reflects that!

HoardingDid you know?
The average clutterer/hoarder will spend in excess of $150,000.00 in their lifetime on things that are rarely, if ever used. They usually live 8 to 16 years shorter than other people. Health problems are almost certain among this group. Priorities must be set straight when seeking qualified and experienced, professional and compassionate service help. Quality of life for a loved one should be priceless. Beware, of lately, there are some companies that are jumping on the bandwagon to perhaps, cash in on the “Extreme Cleaning and Organizational Service Business. It is of Paramount Importance that when seeking this type of service the company be personally experienced, along with integrity, honesty and a two way, everybody wins.

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Our Commitment to People

We believe in human compassion, and that all deserve the dignity of a clean, safe and organized home. We provide only the highest quality of service for our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving their needs. We believe “we can get everything we need in life, if we help enough other people get what they need.”

Special Discounts

Seniors, Veterans and Physically challenged people qualify for up to 25% off our already low rates!

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Nationwide Service

American Hoarders Cleaning Service has offices in Illinois and Wisconsin, but due to the overwhelming demand for our services, we offer hoarding clean-out service to all 50 States. local clients receive On-site estimates. Out of state locations require digital pictures to asess the situation more accurately.