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America is in major moral and spiritual decline. Many know this but are unsure of the causes. The free e-book download below can answer many of the questions you have and can offer solutions that we can use to save our country from a sure collapse in the not to distant future. If America is to survive, we need to truly get back to the truth of what made this great nation tower above the world and stop listening to the people who are in charge of our institutions.


Our Commitment to People

We believe in human compassion, and that all deserve the dignity of a clean, safe and organized home. We provide only the highest quality of service for our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving their needs. We believe “we can get everything we need in life as long as we help enough other people get what they need.”

Hiring a specialty cleanup company saves time and emotional stress, while also limiting your family’s exposure to potentially dangerous viruses and biohazards.

When you hire American Services everybody wins! That’s our uncompromising promise to you, Our Customers!

Special Discounts- Act Now for Lower Spring Rates

Seniors, Veterans , Police, Fire and Physically challenged people qualify for up to 25% off our already low rates!

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Nationwide Service

American Hoarders Cleaning Service has offices in Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida. We are a Nationwide Company that offers Hoarding Clean-Out Service to all 50 States and even other Countries. We can be there in your time of need at the most reasonable cost to you and your family. We do  not leave a job until you are completely satisfied. Our Reputation shows our Commitment to Doing Business the Old Fashioned Way with Honesty and Integrity.